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St Ives Fish Preservation and Angling Society

"Established in 1881, we are currently according to the Angling Times, the oldest club in the UK, a friendly society with traditional values"

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AGM 5/6/13 Dolphin Hotel
7 attended, all ok accounts scrutinised and passed. New chairman voted in Mr Colin Leach as the previous Chairman Mr Kevin Peacock has resigned as he is no longer local to the club. Many thanks must go to Kevin for all his sterling work and assistance over the years and I am sure Colin will be just as efficient as he has been fulfilling the Vice Chairman role for many years previously.
I would also like to offer my thanks and congratulations to Peter Milburn who was voted in as the clubs new Vice President, Peter is one of our unsung hero's who has produced the annual permits each year for a long time and takes it upon himself to organise the childrens fishing matches, which, currently, can be a thankless task.
Permits will be on sale from Petzone in St Ives and Stanjays in Godmanchester from next week at the latest. Full permits are £18 for the season with over 65's being £9 and under 16's fishing for free. Day tickets are £5. We have held our prices for another year and I'm sure you will agree the cost of 9 months fishing on St Ives waters is more than reasonable.Oh and if you don't agree well tough really.
Finally a working party was agreed for Wednesday 12th at 6.30 pm at the Dolphin car park to cut out the swims and clear the platforms on the "B" section end of the Big Meadow. I will be bringing the new permits with me on Wednesday so bring £18 or £9 if you are very old and cranky like Colin "Compo" Leach.
 First match of the season is Sunday 16th June meet at the Hemingford end of the meadow at 6.45 so we can drive down the Meadow and draw. Draw 7 fish 8 until 1 with a £5 entry all full club members welcome. Thursday the 20th starts the popular Thursday evening series this will be meet at the top gate at 5.45 draw and fish 6.30 until dusk or Stan falls in again or both, again £5 all in. This is the glamour match series on our calender, 9 rounds and this year points for the first 5 places in each match rather than the three of previous years. Hopefully the first five getting points will stretch the field out a bit and a single winner will be forthcoming rather than joint winners as two out of the last three years have been.
With all matches it is a good idea if you let me know you are attending and no that does not mean a phone call at 6.30 Sunday morning telling me you are on your way, Moaner.
As I am still finishing the accounts and preparing the agenda plus securing the back room in the Dolphin for the meeting plus writing out new receipt books for this season I thought it prudent to remind you the AGM is set for tomorrow at 7.45 in the Dolphin. All committee should attend at least
No 2 wants me to mention if anyone is interested he would organise a small match at the Ballyhole next Sunday.I must admit I am out now until the new river season. Contact Toban directly if interested.
AGM next Wednesday as below.
Sunday 20th ballyhole
5 fished Carp didnt count, new local club rule re keepnets and I won with 10lb of mainly small Roach hammering NO2 who had 9lb 13oz, you see winning by a tiny bit is so much more fun than a hammering because NO2 now spends the next couple of weeks of "if onlying"and I don't "huzzah" to the winner the spoils.
Gentlemen AGM time I have decided the 5th June I apologise for the lateness in the close season but very very busy at work and home currently so time has been very short, only 4 fishing outings since the end of the season.
I look forward to seeing the committee at the Dolphin for a 7.30 start on the 5th , please pass the word that it is on gentlemem, that is all and the season is nearly upon us how exciting, well it will be if the sun comes out. 
Found out how now brown cow

A tiny but significant bit
Postman Paul is back hello hello, Yes the legend that is known as Worms will be among us on the 19th May. No2 and Breamy had a close one in yet more practice on the Ballyhole with both catching smallish Carp and managing over 30lbs a piece with Breamy shading it.
A Bit
The mighty NO2 informs me that we can do it all again on the Ballyhole on the 19th May same rules and timing apply. Let me know if you wish to fish. Hopefully much warmer and some carp feeding as well as the silvers by then.
Current list
Middle Earth Sam
Any others call me 07967 354804 to book in 
Sunday 28th April Ballyhole.
Bloody freezing face wind, frost the night before, it all reminded me of why I don't bother in the close season. The Ballyhole is a great little fishery but very shallow and very susceptable to overnight cold weather.
6 fished and Middle Earth Sam in peg1 least affected by the wind and next to some lovely lilly pads made the most of it for a winning 16lb plus with Torban " I live here" Williams second with 13lb plus from the swim he sat in the previous day, slightly baited up then. after that I forget, well I would like to, Compo had a good 10lb with several large hybrids me and Breamy had very poor 5/6lbish and Kate, who sat next to the winner, struggled to weigh over 2lb which really was dire.
I shivered as was unprepared for the cold wind, comments being passed at our end of the draw that Jones in deep winter was warmer than this. Hardly a fish topped all morning and only one very small Carp was caught.
Torban suggested another go in a couple of weeks time, I suggested my duvet will be seeing me on a Sunday morning for several weeks yet. Warmth and sunny days and I will be there but other than that warm beds beckon.
A bit re Sunday Ballyhole
So you know
2 Keepnets one for Carp one for silvers
All fish over 4oz to be netted
barbless hooks only
All baits allowed
All anglers to ensure NO2 draws a rubbish swim as he has fished the place more than the rest of us put together which in my case is none so REALLY hopeful for Sunday for me then.
April 28th Ballyhole Somersham
For those who fancy it we have been offered a chance to fish the Ballyhole at Somersham on the 28th April. No2 had 19lb plus a 7lb carp in there this week but Compo and Middle Earth Sam tried the following day and Sam had 7lb compo 2lb. No2 and Sam had mainly Skimmers but I am aware the lake is very shallow with no more than 5ft anywhere in it. The weather warming up as from this weekend could well start the fish feeding reasonably qiuckly so it might be good by the time we get there.
If you want to have a go let me know on the usual number currently we have the following as attending
No 2
I assume there are plenty of available swims and the day ticket for St Ives match anglers is a concessionary £3 on the bank. Sunshine is soon to be upon us so lets clean the gear and break the hibernation with a five hour fiesta on the Somersham lake.
Fish 9 til 2 with an 8 o clock draw, maps available in crayon for Breamy so he might get there by Monday couldn't find his way out of a paper bag on his own that boy.   
A sneaky bit
3 fished Thursday 14th in the Deeps. No2 produced an outstanding 28lb with sam on the spit returning 21lb i had a poor day with just over 14lb but lets be honest I will have worse days than that in fact most of them are.
The friday was last day in te marina using the wierd still water rules that the EA enforce suffice to say not worth it Sam and Compo went home without a bite as did No2 but I had one bite on the worm feeder and a wonderful 3lb winter coloured perch was the result well worth the weight and No2 was so happy for me you could see by the way he chewed through the lid of his box as I landed the fish. mainly because it cost him £5 and the previous day had only been for a quid , shame.
So thats it another season gone, thanks to all the St Ives players a lot of fun has been had even though the fishing has been fairly average but I must say the Roach fishing in the autumn did pick up and this year if they have avoided the dreaded Cormorant and Otter plus assorted Seals and let alone their normal predators such as Pike Perch Zander Grebe Heron and Eastern European nets men ( allegedly of course)  then tyhe new season could be good when the seed comes in to play.
To those who fish on in the commercials during the river break best of luck and tight lines, to the rest enjoy the Sunday lie ins it will go soon enough and the glorious 16th will be on us once again. 
Sunday 10th March Jones not in the deeps but in the bowl around the back
Bloody hell it was freezing with a capital zing, Compo lost the use of his hands and went home having lost one big fish as his only bite. Breamy managed a nice 1.5lb Perch last knockings and I had a 2.5lb very small for Jones Tench would you believe my first Tench from Jones this season and my only bite of the day.
However the winner with one nice Tench one very big Perch and several smaller ones NO2 yet again who is on a roll.probably 11lb plus but as hands were so cold and there was no doubt whatsoever who had one we just chucked them back 25 minutes early because none of us could stand the cold anymore and warm houses seemed to be the absolute order of the day.
So we finish the Sunday matches for yet another season with yet another whimper rather than a bang. The season has been ruined by cold weather, floods, drought ,you name it we have had it I am waiting for the plague of locusts and showers of frogs any time now.
As a final fairwell there is a bit of fishing this week possibly Wed, Thurs and even Fri due to the still water status that Jones holds. Much depends on the weather and we shall see if we can break the ice and catch something, who knows.   
Sunday 3rd March The deeps,where else?????
4 fished , no no2 cop out late on, Odds on favourite peg 1 Breamy caught from the off Roach and Perch not big though for 17lbs plus and the win, Compo in 2 threw back 4lb not bothering having seen Breamys pole elastic coming out over and over although he did hook two very big fish both of which stretched the no8 elastic mightily before pulling out, could have been Tench, we will never know.
Sam was in new peg three which turned out to be biteless peg three just behind me on 4 which is the first spit and a good swim once the fish reach the area. So I stared out at a motionless float except for 4 small Perch in the first hour and a half and then the Roach turned up and I had some lovely specimen fish, not that many, but good quality up to 12oz. However, dear reader, what really made my day was a Roach caught late on of 1lb 10oz, when I first saw it I thought the magical 2lb had been breached but not quite still a wonderful fish though and I was that pleased that being second with 16lb 2oz did not bother me that much.
Last Sunday of the season next week and I have a spare place just 1 as middle earth Sam is elsewhere. Senior sort the gear out.           I
A bit again
Compo reports from fishing Thursday that he had nothing until 11.30 and then 30 Roach in an hour although not big old dog Roach so I assume the 2 to 4oz mark which if repeated for 5 hours on Sunday would do me fine as 30 fish an hour at an average of 3oz is 5lb 10oz per hour x 5 = 28lb plus, a reasonable day in anyones book.
No2 has notified he is in attendance for Sunday so I assume the famous five will be the usual five and everyone else is still in hibernation or fishing in the winter leagues with Sir Stanley.
Weather is forecast as just so so, not very warm Northerly winds but only a gentle breeze. It might go well, it might be very peggy as it was last time out was but I am fairly sure fish will be caught by someone as there will be no ice as far as the Met Office are concerned.
Not as cold as I thought it would be last week, bit
As above then, I didn't go as it was still cold enough and I haven't heard from anyone so I assume no one attended. this weeks cold but not as cold so game on Sam's going as am I but I'm assuming Compo and Breamy plus No2 but could do with some confirmation.
Unfortunately due to the floods and a very muddy spit it does look as though we will not get back on that part of the marina at all this season which is a shame, still,catching big dog Roach and the odd specimen Perch does sort of help to dull the pain.
Sunday 8.00 draw fish 9.00 til 2.00 and hope to stay less than frozen
A Bit
I've checked the weather forecast and no more than 3 degrees betrween now and Sunday means thicker ice on the water with evening frosts so I am chickening out until it warms up a bit. If others want to go let me know and I will pass on but as far as I am aware only certainties are Compo and Breamy currently with No2 iffy and Sam elsewhere plus me under the nice warm duvee.
Sunday 17th Feb The Deeps
With everything staying under water for the duration the Deeps are the only option and we managed to pinch 5 in on Sunday. Compo drew the long walk and managed no bites for not a good day and stone cold last. Sam had last weeks winner on the Spit but struggled with ice polar bears penguins the usual winter stuff for 8lb plus. Breamy and myself fished very neighbourly like in the corner he had 12lb 14oz for third and I had 13lb 3oz for second Oh how we laughed well more like oh how I laughed really. NO2 on the very favourite Spit peg did not catch for two hours and was in a proper funk as it was all going Pete Tong, then the lightbulb lit and he had a very good last 3 hours with over 16lb for the win.
Ice on the water when we got there and we still caught, well most of us did. Next week a couple of spare place possibly call if interested and have a liking for fishing in the middle of boat repairs.
Sunday 10th The Deeps
Same 4 fished as last week different result, unfortunately. I got the short straw long walk and not quite so hot a peg as some of the others plus it rained all day with a very cold NE wind. However weather aside it fished its nuts off for a cold day in Feb in fact in any day in any month it fished really well. Nothing big nobody had anything over a 1lb but in reverse order in 4th and moaning how little he had caught and weighing 13lb 12oz was Breamy, Roach, Perch and a couple of hybrids not bad for a last place. 3rd me, 14lb 15oz 78 fish all but two were Roach and I did not get a bite for the first 50 minutes which cost me badly. 2nd Sam in peg 1 prime area with Roach and Perch for a very good 20lb 12oz but sneaking in at the top Compo off the Spit swim with the nicest Roach net I have seen for many a year, fish up to 1lb all in prime nick most having never seen a hook, lovely winter colours, it was a pleasure to lose to a net like that weighing a dead on 21lb.
Hopefully the weather will improve again next week all swims will be taken as we expect to have to accomodate NO2 on his return. 5 really is the limit in the Deeps but at least we can get in there even if it is only in very small numbers. St Ives members are known for their winter hibernation period in fact sight of the lessor spotted Senior Sicknote on the bank usually heralds the start of spring and is used much as Groundhog day is in the USA.
One month to go before the hanging up of the gear, well. in my case anyway for the 3 month break and dreams of the warm halycon days of Summer evenings on the Dolphin Meadow moaning about the lack of fish in the river.      
Sunday 3rd Feb the Deeps
4 fished including me, out of winter hibernation, and I took the money. I drew the slipway peg which is a good spot almost always and had 11lb 14oz of quality Roach to 1lb and some big Perch to 1lb 12oz just pipping Breamy who had a slab in his 11lb plus whilst Sam managed a big 10lb of Roach Perch and a couple of skimmers. Compo got the rough draw as the further down the stretch you went the more the very cold wind caught you. He still must have had 6lb plus on feeder as he couldnt use his pole as it kept turning into a bananna in the strong side wind.and if conditions had allowed Im sure he would have been up with the rest of us if not ahead. Very consistent fishing with at least three of the four pegs capable of pulling off the win.
Same again next week swims extremely limited with 4 of the 5 already booked and an assumption that NO2 will return to have a go, not really any spaces at all. However the chances of getting on the Spit very limited until the grass and mud dry out completely which if lucky would be two more weeks if it stayed dry the whole time.
Draw Sunday at 8 fish 9 til 2, Torban let me know
A bit again
Well its warmer and Sunday 2nd Feb which was to be the next deluge has been reduced to light rain. I intend to have a match on the Deeps at Jones with 6 swims available in total and 5 taken names of attendees is much required. 8 draw 9 til 2 fish and £5 involved no preferential swims gentlemen. Let me know
Current names are
"You never know we might go fishing one day" bit
Snow tonight and then the big thaw and we all know what that will mean !!!!!!!!!!! the big flood. However who knows at least some places will be fishable once the ice melts. I have just checked the forecast from the Met Office and 12 degrees is on offer next week windy though but that will push the thaw on very quickly with that combination.
So the arguement might be do we have a go on the big meadow and see if the Bream have not all been eaten by the Seal, if it floods and stays mild I might even fancy a go at that myself as we are still not allowed on the spit as it will be as wet as you like. Of course this could all be a complete nonsense as by next week the whole lot could well be under water again and we are back to square one, DUVEE time.
Sunday as you were people, that is, still under the duvee unless a maasive wave of warm air flies in from Spain, so still under the duvee then. Interestingly coming over the bypass today Jones along the Spit is not entirely frozen but getting close and as we are experiencing zero temperatures in the day and big minus numbers at night, I assume most still water, like Jones, to be sealed up tight by the weekend.
It also means I have £40 worth of bait slowly going off and liable to be good for nothing but chucking away in three weeks time when I might finally get a day out with the rods.
Sunday 20th Jan
I will be in bed this Sunday, have you seen the weather forecast, if you want to go fishing best of luck, that is all.
The Deeps sunday 13th Jan
4 fished because thats the limit unfortunately. When I went down all were catching with Breamy being on the slow side as was Compo who was being lazy with a swim full of Roach I suspect and him on a 14 hook and big lumps of worm for the Perch and Tench which had not really showed by the time I left at 12.45. No2 in the corner was having a fine time on whip with 4-6oz Roach every chuck and over 10lb in his net. Sam had gone further down the stretch to an unfished swim this year and had approaching 60 fish when I saw him between 2-5oz so slightly less stamp than No 2. It is a mighty shame we cannot geta match in the Deeps but this week I might try with 2 anglers in Sams peg and one further down it will be a push but 6 is all we need this time of year anyway. Nearly forgot Breamy on the other spit who had had 9 fish when I saw him and was not happy as all were catching around him. his story of life really.
Watch this space as it could all be under ice by the weekend, we shall as always see.   
Change of venue
The Spit is not available due to mud, I am going to look tomorrow on the Deeps side but I need to know who is coming, so far
Mick are you attending in which case it will be the Waits I think but if not I am trying to fit 5 in the Deeps which is apoparently very difficult to do. I will text the decision out later tomorrow.
Sunday 13th Jan
Have not been shunted off the Spit yet so Sunday will be there unless I record something different tonight as the lads have fished in Jones today and may have got the nod to not be there Sunday.Watch this space 
Sunday 6th Jones but in the bowl end opp the Spit Fur & Feather
6 attended this very late rendition of the Xmas match and a curious affair it really was. No Roach anywhere which is the same as the spit but the thinking was that the boat cover would hold some and it obviously does not. However as the day went on Tench were topping all over the place and the winner with 3 large specimens and a couple of Perch was the bi centennial bi valve man Compo with a very pleasent 16lb 12oz and he was the only one to even hook a Tench. I had a really interesting day and for once am not kidding. I made the decision that as I was opposite a slipway I would worm fish with a feeder into a small gap between the boats and onto the tail end of the slipway.
The theory worked and I galloped away with 7lb of quality Perch in the net before anyone else had a bite. Could not keep it up though and finished on 15lb 3oz of great looking Perch with the biggest approaching 3lb and several at 1.5lbs plus. Sir Michael of Hospital managed one clanking Perch and a couple of small ones for third and 3lb 10oz with NO2 not far behind with just over 3lbs. Breamy sat between myself and Compo and got handed his coat from both sides plus he missed more bites than the other 5 of us did so not a good day and 10oz was the end result.
Then there was Sam, he of middle earth, sat in his own micro climate where it constantly rained a very heavy dew off the tree over his head this added to one bite that he missed did make a happy day for the bearded one
Before we started Colin supplied the Sloe gin which was lovely and all drew a prize at the end including Senior Sicknote who had to take his own prize home in disgrace due to the fact he had not removed the pound shop tag from the wine bottle.
This week it will be somewhere but not sure as yet, call me 
Depending on who you are a bit to warm your cockles or annoy you intensely (I'm in the annoyed category)
To those who have little to do mid week permission to fish at the back of Jones in the Deeps has led to big nets of Roach, Perch with the odd Tench and Bream with today (Thurs) No2 on 25lb plus Compo 21lb plus and Sam 15lb plus. However come Sunday we will be on the spit for an 8.00 draw overcast 10 degrees and no frost for a week at least plus a slight SWesterly breeze. In a normal world I would suggest it should fish its bits off but this is Jones so we probably wont see a fish as they are all in the deep bit a premise sounded out some time ago on this very blog.
However this will be the F&F so bring a bottle or similar and let me know who's coming as I have been so long since I held a rod/pole I have no idea.  
Happy New Year
Chest complaint for 10 days, perfect, third year in a row ill at Xmas however as diets go this one is a doozy having now lost over 20lbs since the 22nd December only another 5 stone to go and I will be able to get out of the cargo hold.
Fishing, now you all remember when we used to go fishing before God moved in very mysterious ways and drowned all and sundry, well, it just might be possible that we get a go this Sunday as the water has dropped and Jones marina might just be doable. I will have a look before the weekend and as it sits if, and I do mean if, we have no further big rainfall there is a distinct possibility of the missing Fur & Feather Sunday.
As usual I need names etc so let me know if you are attending.
Its Official
Father Xmas hates anglers as do the gods of rain, Sunday F&F is off due to a lack of bank to sit on in fact more chance of the river coming to you rather than us to it.
The forecast for the next three days contains all sorts of doom in a rain styly so I have an idea that for all of next week, with many of us twiddling thumbs, we could struggle once again to find a dry bit or even only a slightly moist bit to sit on.
Still this might be Gods way of stopping the dissapointment we all suffer when we are on the bank at the moment around St Ives waters.
So keep an ear ear nose or throat open and hopefully we will get to wet a line before we enter 2013.
Happy bloody Xmas to both of you dear readers and you really must get out more if you have resorted to reading this load of old twaddle through 2012.
To the match anglers of St Ives, as in the words of the song " the Xmas you get you deserve" so God help the lot of you.   
Sunday16th Moantember The Spit
3 turned up and wished they hadn't. we saw Roach topping out on the normal side that we fish as we got there and fished for them instead of the plan, which we should have stuck too, of fishing the other side. The Roach were obviously not there and it was a mirage as between us we had three bites and 1 Perch, even thats a lie , we had 3 bites all in Breamy's peg he missed two caught one and won for the second week running. Something is seriously wrong with the Marina it looked fantastic on Sunday lots of colour mild weather light winds the lot and yet after 8.30 we barely saw a fish rise. Either the Seal has been in and chased the shoals out or they are hiding under boats which is where Sam had 8lb last week.
Next week HO bloody HO its Xmas match time, please bring a draw prize bottle type thing and do let me know you are attending. Sam and Colin are fishing the bowl end in the week and hopefully will finally re find the Roach and that is where the intention is to fish on Sunday.
I need names and numbers and I am aware the following are fishing already
Middle Earth Sam
Senior Sicknote
No 2   
Others let me know, usual stuff 8.00 draw be there by 7.45 fish 9 til 2.
Tuesday A very bitter bit
And no I don't mean the weather, I had a text yesterday from Compo which in my head will probably kill our fishery next year if nothing is done, there is a Seal again on the Dolphin Meadow. Perhaps that explains the lack of any big fish other than the odd Perch in Jones because the Bream and Tench are just not there.
Who do you talk too well no one cares so whats the point least of all the Environment Agency people, next year is cancelled then due to lack of fish, Happy Xmas and goodnight.  . 
Sunday9th Dec The spit
Nice day and that was it, I had 1 Perch snapped my no5 section which then swam off with my perfectly good No4 section and went home, this was about 12.00 Sam had a slightly beigger Perch than me at this stage and as I left just after Senior and Compo had left biteless and fishless Breamy was landing a 1.5lb Perch for the lead so it was a two horse race because that was all that was left and I dont know who won. Mild day, lovely colour in the water but all is not well with our fishing currently and whether this is Seal, Cormorant, cold or a combination of any or all of those is an unknown.
Nextr week was to have been the Fur and Feather but due to several absentees it will just be a club match, several will pleasure fish the other side of Jones this week to see if the fish can be found. 8 o clock draw several places availablelet me know.
The Fur & Feather will be on the 23rd, usual exchange of gifts for the draw, shoelaces, used underpants, broken hooks and whicker creels you know the usual crap,
Fri 7th of Humbugfloodinger
Hardy idiots have fished the spit and reported firstly nothing on Wednesday and 1 Perch between 2 on Thursday so looking cracking for Sunday then.
I must admit a view will be taken on what side we fish dependent on conditions when we get there. The forecast has a certain degree of warmth returning, well when I say warmth, slightly above freezing is what I mean.
The list of the brave and fearless idiots for Sunday is currently
The Geesemaister 
Middle Earth Sam
At least two free places left for those who are of a stupid disposition, call me on my mobile if you wish to fish 07967 354804. Match anglers only who have fished this years matches being minimum criteria as usual.
Monday 3rd of Humbug
The waters down, huzzah, now all we need to worry about is the overnight frosts killing the sport. Sunday should be a goer in the marina so names please if you intend to attend. I would note that excess mud could cause an issue but hopefully a full drying out process might kick in this week we shall see.
Friday 30th
Water has not gone down at all, just seen two Seals watersking off the Quay by throwing a rope over the middle Chapel half way across the bridge, on their shoulders were two Otters who were just managing to surport 15 Cormorant in a very neat triangle typical just when I NEED A CAMERA.
Joking aside at least the various current denizons of our river will not be eating much due to the very chocolate colour of the water plus it is running at many a mile an hour currently.
Maybe we might get a go next week, but I would suggest that will only happen if there is no more rain, Its so exciting (not)  
Thursday 29th A wet bit
I feel you already know what I am going to say dear reader, fishing a match this weekend is not going to happen, all and sundry are under water and the Environment agency bod outside my office said the flood would be peaking late tonight and then at peak for 24 hours before a slow fine down. Optimistic Middle Earth Sam has conferred with the powers that be at Jones and maybe not this weekend but the next one has a chance. extra problems being the amount of silt deposited everywhere and the mess it makes trailing through that before it fully dries out.
Another weekend under the bed covers gentlemen, it will soon be a full hibernation
Tuesday 27th
So far, very wet and very flooded. I have an office on St Ives quayside and currently the Swans are swimming up the slipway and along the path where people normally sit to get fed. Water is up at least 6 feet I would suggest and its rained a lot again today. Without wishing to be a gloom merchant might I suggest this Sunday is again looking doubtful unless it dries up and runs off rapidly. Unfortunately the amount of rain that has apparently fallen around the Bedford area means its going to get higher for another 3 days before it even thinks about dropping. So annoying as Compo and Sam had a shedful of Roach off Jones as the water rose around them last week when it was mild frosts by the weekend as well, happy days.  
Sunday 26th November The Waits
In fact probably the only place not completely under water. Several went a couple caught the end, NO2 had a couple of big skimmers a Roach and a Perch for first place but aside from that it was grim, myself and Senior opted for the lets not get up option which on the day looked favourite and indeed was favourite by several million miles. Floods are good in that a winter flood scours the bottom of the river and all the leaf and bits of tree etc will be sweep out of the watercourse. the fish get driven into back waters and given time catches of a lifetime can turn up during flood conditions. Bream off the Waits and the Quay being a common occurence before the Seal ate them all.
Next week, God knows, in his lap completely, depends on the rain fall. Its supposedly getting colder and drier but we shall see. No doubt I will place something on here later in the week when the moving in mysterious ways has stopped long enough to take a view on the weather  
Sunday 18th November The Spit
First one out always exciting and I think the Seal has caused damage once again as over two days practice and the match on Sunday not one Tench or Bream was landed although two Tench were hooked and lost. Based on previous years this is a disaster as the water was nicely coloured pre baiting took place and it was fairly mild and it still went wrong.
Having said that on the plus side most anglers caught Roach and Perch with then odd Eel and Rudd thrown in. The match on Sunday had 6 fishing and winning it from many a mile out was Middle Earth man himself, Sam with two big Perch 2.5lbs plus and 8lb odd of Roach with the odd netter as well for 13lb 5oz miles ahead of me in second with 5lb 3oz and Breamy in third with 4lb14oz just ahead of Senior who managed 4lb 10oz of mainly smaller Perch and a few Roach.
Compo in peg 2 struggled as did NO2 in peg 4 and that was about it. We have decided the Spit will take 8 anglers at a push and we might include the other side if it gets fished this week and we find it actually holds any fish at the moment. The where abouts of the bigger fish is a mystery with conspiracy theories abounding such as they are under the boats hiding in the deep side are have been chased out to the main river by the Seal it is fair to say that the Seal has caused major issues in our fishery and again nobody but the anglers care.
Next week same again, the following are booked in
Possiibly one place left again this will go to who rings and whetehr they have fished enough with the club during the season to warrant a place 
The Waits Sunday 11th Nov
Several fished it wasnt good, Breamy won I think with 3lbs odd the rest struggled and I know I should'nt but I do remember Bombardier had 2oz the rest somewhere in between. Good day to lie in methinks.
This week much excitement as we start in Jones marina for the first time, hopefully Seals have not been there although I am aware 1 ws in there for at least 1 night in the summer. As noted below numbers much limited and preference to the anglers whio have attended during the season. A practise is envisaged this week but when god only knows and as the river is choocy coloured it could even be Bream if they are still alive at all.
Sunday 8.00 draw fish 9.00 til 2.00. places are being allocated based on who calls me and matches previously fished this year with the exception of Compo who gets a teachers note for sickness. 
This Sunday 11th November
Personally,I've had enough I'm taking a day off. The Waits could be good but people who seem to live all year round on big long boats on our river are planted there and could arrive at any time so makes a match a bit difficult.
I've had enough of Seals floods boats etc and will surface in another weeks time when we start at Jones hopefully without Seals Boats Floods etc.
This week Bombardier is arranging a match on the Waits with a 7.30 draw his contact to book in is 07968 493489. Best of luck to you all I will for one week only be remaining under the duvee.
Next week limited pegs, we all know the drill here guys those who fished all year get first dibs on the Jones pegs. To date I am aware that the week one match will have the following booked in
Middle Earth Sam
This leaves a max of two more pegs and I shall see who asks before allocatting
4th November P&E marina
Crap. 8 fished lots of rain and wind no fish one Seal, for the record Senior left at 10.30 Compo, Breamy and me left at 11.00, No2, the winner with 1 Roach which would barely have moved the scales, Middle Earth Sam and Worms left at 12. That was all she wrote and we are not going back next week. I refer back to my rant re Seals two weeks ago.
Next week at the moment not a clue some sort of backwater but where god only knows.
Sunday 28th October P&E marina
Obvious really rant about the lack of fish and someone will catch. I would temper that with the fact that a lot of Perch fed whereas last week they did not want to know with the odd exception. To make matters worse I had to watch and listen to Senior Sir Michael of Hinchingbrooke empty the place of small bits for two hours and then Perch for 3 more for a very good 19lb 10oz and the second win in two weeks. kate Moss in the meantime found not only Perch but some better Roach and Dace for another good weight of 14lb 7oz. After that it all gets a bit mundane with me third with 7lb 8oz Bomabardier fourth with 6lb 11oz and Breamy with 5lb 14oz. Lots of small Roach and Bleak but the Perch were the fish of choice without doubt and Mick must have had a trawler load in front of him as for the first 1.5 hours on the worm he was bleak snatching 4 to 8 oz Perch a chuck.
Still as I said Skill and Breeding but God knows how he has found any.
Next week round 3 of the 4 with The mighty Sir Michael on a hat trick, who'd have thought it
I currently expect on the day
Middle Earth Sam
Postman Paul/ Worms
Any others with stupid names let me know.
A rant
Dear All
just to make it clear to all and any readers of this rubbish, our rivers are just about at an all time low for fish stocks and it is shocking the lack of care being shown by the Environment Agency. The Ouse was never supposed to carry any Seals let alone families of the damn things and we now have that at both Earith and the P&L marina's. One Seal has now got up to Houghton, I'm now informed, where no doubt it will decimate what Roach shoals are left.
WE have to suffer great waves of bloody Cormorant spearing fish for fun and now of course the totally PC do gooders have reintroduced Otters which are like Foxes in that they kill for fun and are doing that down at the St Ives gravel Pits where large dead Carp are washing up with just their gill covers eaten.
Fisherman are charged by the EA to fish and that money does what, weed cut, yes in September when its all dead and then only 3 feet deep to keep the boat owners quiet. Dredge our silted up river, no chance, that hasn't even been considered for 30 years, why , because the river has gravel in it well thats a huge surprise to who then, no one thats who. Re stock our ailing waterway once again, no chance and why bother because all the fish have is a choice of who eats them first, Seal, Comorant, Otter or our other good friend in this debacle the Eastern European who believes that if it flies, crawls or swims then it should be on a barbecue.( with apologies to those few who do put them back)  
This may sound bitter and you would be bloody right it is, I have fished this river for 45 years and have seen it deteriorate from a most wonderful, fully stocked fishery the envy of every club that visited it. We are the oldest fishing club in the country and because we don't fish in commercial lakes very shortly we will probably be the top club in the country with the least fish over 3 oz.
The first match on the Pike & Eel marina has tipped the scales for me to write this if only to get it off my chest. The big Bream shoal was eaten several years ago the Roach seemed to have gone like wise and we wait on next week to see how bad it is.
So yes its a rant but nobody ohs and aghs at what we catch so they would rather feed them to the Seals, Cormorants, Otters etc and I hate them all !!!!!! 
Without any apologies to any and all who read this
Sunday 21st Oct P&E marina
8 fished spread about and not on the area where fish were caught last year. The winner and closest to the area where the fish were caught last year Sir Michael of Sick with 6lb plus of very small stuff much the same as the rest of us who all caught very small Roach Dace and big Bleak,. Breamy had a big 4lb plus of the same stamp and Compo, yes back again more come backs than Lazarus and now insists on walking across the water to his peg as his near death experience has now made him god like in his day to day activities, had another 4lb for third. The Bombardier and I got the social boat owners peg and were plied with Tea and biscuits but not a lot of fish, for the record and as I know he will want it in writing he had 3lb 4oz and I had 2lb 11oz.
No 2 and Postman Paul had a few as did Coxy part 2, best of luck for the op this week Coxy see you on the bank soon
So to sum up the several Seals that have been in the marina all summer have totally buggered the whole place and a big fish, above 4oz I mean, is yet to be caught.
Next week more of the same with the same timings etc, let me know if you are attending.  
Next week 21st October
I have spoken to John the very accomodating manager at the Pike & Eel and he has said we can fish our 4 match special starting Sunday. However the following will apply.
When you drive in keep going past the normal stopping bit we are to meet around the back on the track next to the fields about 150 yards further on than normal.
No driving on the grass, therefore barrows will be required
I don't think we can fish the normal prime area as he is removing boats over the next few weeks and these areas will be very disturbed. On the plus side this could well move the fish.
Where we are fishing will be decided on the day
It will be an 8.00 draw fish 9 until 2
No talking before 10 as people are still sleeping on their boats and don't like being woke up early by fishing numpties.
Apart from all that I will need to know attendance details.
Sunday the death of fishing occurred
The winner Bombardier 15oz yes oz. Trevor Moss, newby, forever to be known as Kate was second from fabled peg 18 with the most
 disorganised exhibition of match angling I have seen for a long while and 13oz. Third, who cares, it was bloody awful, appraently the SEal is still about the water had increased in volume so was barely fishable but 8 of us tried and 4 DNW'd with Middle Earth Sam weighing 1oz just to annoy me. Breamy had 8oz I threw 8 oz back and part of my feeder rod earlier in the day WHY, just because, thats why dont ask.
Grumpy anglers now wanting the seasonal change to The Pike & Eel and hopefully that will be next weeks venue subject to permission being sort and given.
I will note the blog accordingly. As always note that the only anglers able to fish the marina matches are those that have surported the club during the match calender year.
Saturday 1.00
Just seen the Quay good stick float pace.  Torban says A section is running hard but the Quay is running ok so at the moment its still the Meadow as getting 7 on the Waits would be difficult. No rain between now and tomorrow forecast should be ok
Sundays match
Currently, despite last nights rain, the river looks fine and dandy, I'm sure the Seal thats swimming up and down it is inclined to feel the same. Rumour has it its gone up to Hemingford. Phoned the Environment agency today to report the aforesaid Seal and as always got nowhere finally being referred to a fisheries blokes voice mail where I was assured I could leave a message which is a bit hard to do if the bloody things cuts you off before you can say anything, this after 20 minutes of going nowhere on the phone.
So Sunday "A" section unless the river changes between now and then which I don't think it will as no more rain is forecast up to that point
7.30 draw peoples
Ah how to disappoint
Me and Senior 7 hours opposite Nobles Field for stuff all except to be told by a local dog walker that he had been watching a seal swimming up and down the length two days before which in all fairness explain, more than adequately, why there was no Bream on the stretch.
We expect heavey rain Thursday afternoon into the evening which may tip the river again to very fast flow and swirly conditions in general. I shall keep an eye on the water and if in doubt we will move Sunday's match to the Waits. At least a new flood should not contain the several million pieces of weed that last weeks effort had suspended within it.
I have as fishing so far
The Geesemaister
No 2
Middle Earth Sam
Coxy Part 2
Additions I will need to know about please, don't forget 7.30 draw Gentlemen  
A bit
Not wishing to excite any anglers too much but NO2 is catching a Roach a chuck on bread punch down the Waits and I have just watched several Bream playing at dolphin like behaviour on the Quay, Fish ho gentlemen. 
Sunday 7th October "B" section
Yes "B" because apocalyptic floods from nowhere turned up thats why. Water was brown and up a foot plus throwing through with weed everywhere so that every chuck in was fishing with a washing line full of clothes and the feeder rod slowly bent over until you reeled in for a clean up session. 4 fished Sam didnt catch Coxy had 5oz and then me in the bay had a big eel on lobbie and a few bits on the stick for 2lb 14oz but the winner, Breamy, sat in the bay in a different world no weed, slight flow, 4 foot of clear bottom run through full of small fish and he weighed 3lb 4 oz for the win, just.
Apparently Breamy missed a million bits from small stuff but as he does not possess a hook smaller than a Bear trap he kept missing them. A visiting NO2 convinced him that at least take the 14, yes 14 ,off and put an 18 on. But he won so we can't argue really.
Next week the Committee Cup with fining down flood water hopefully so who knows its destined for "A" section but could easily end up on "B" if the river is still running. Please let me know if you are fishing.     
A bit
We are creeping into the Autumnal period and fishing on the river at this time of year can be very patchy and thats without any of last weeks full moon issues. I m led to believe that a significant number of fish were in evidence towards dusk at the top end of the meadow on Wednesday. I have yet to get the full report from NO2 who was fishing the stretch but suffice to say this is where we are fishing on Sunday. I will try and shout the next bit " THE DRAW IS NOW 7.30" and we fish 8,30 til 1.30 I would be grateful to know who was turning up currently my list reads
Moaner( yes, Moaner must have finished painting the house)
Coxy part 2
If the rest would like to let me know that would be good
30th September "B" Section
Full moon werewolves everywhere and fish nowhere, 8 fished re crammed them in between the rowing club and the start of the bay in peg 1 the mighty Bombadier won with 3lb 8oz with a quality Perch making the difference,about 1lb the only netter of any size seen all day. Senior should have done better and didn't Coxy part 2 nearly 1lb on the best swim but he is in a steep learning curve being a canal man at heart. I was next with 2lb 6oz for second place of mainly small Roach and not many, 22's hooks and fine line the order of the day.
Middle Earth Sam suffered for 6oz DNW suffered again for 1lb 4oz and Torban snatched third with 1lb 5oz and Breamy will have to forgive the DNW he recorded.
Having spoke to a few other anglers its fair to say the weekend was a write off on many venues and it is most definately the full moon that gives a baleful influence, gravitational pull and all that mumbo jumbo.
Next week maybe the last "A" section go for the year with various marina venues slowly becoming available over the next couple of months, hopefully.
As a last note with the arrival of October draw times will now change to 7.30 starting this Sunday fish 8.30 to 1.30.  
Anderson Cup Meadow Lane 23rd September
The trouble with Meadow Lane is that if your lucky enough to fish in the week and catch big dog Dace, Roach and even Chub apparently and then comes Sunday with angler pressure plus boats thrashing the water to a foam and its completely different. The narrow nature of the venue and lack of depth in 80% of the swims also does not help but interestingly enough the stretch is reasonably fair with most pegs having a shout at being in the coin.
This time 11 fished and with a supposedly hot peg Senior managed to scrape the win with 5lb 12 oz, of mainly Dace with a few Roach the odd Chublet and Perch, 3 of which he fortunately dropped straight into his net, just pipping last years winner, ( you know who) who had 5lb 8oz from one of the supposedly not so hot shallow swims, but to put the fish quality into context I had 123 fish for the 5lb 8oz. Once again mainly small Dace but at least 30 very small Roach which is a good sign for the future at least. Back out of recent illness Kevin Peacock was third with Dace again for 5lb 4oz and with at least 4 more anglers catching big 4lbs plus weights it was very even.
It was good to see Mr Crabtree and Compo back on the bank after recent tussles with the NHS fishing illnesses division, I think they were both diagnosed with wet rot and have had their damp proofing re prevent further episodes.  
I would just mention that Steve Anderson had to leave early as his daughter was unwell, which was very prudent as the heavens opened at 1.00 and the last hour and a quarter plus weigh in was a very wet afair indeed. all conspiracy theories regarding the weather and football  being on early were dismissed striaght away, not  
A bit for the Anderson Cup Sunday 23rd
Draw will be on the bank 8.00 fish 9.00 til 2.00. I do need names as the swims are somewhat limited at the moment I am aware of the following being there.
Compo ( first since illness so medivac helicoptor on site all day)
Senior Sicknote ( very jealous regarding medivac)
Mr Crabtree ( also first since illness, will share medivac costs with Compo as necessary)
Coxy part two
Postman Paul
The Bombardier
Steve Anderson
A few more, I'm sure, will attend so names please if poss.
Teams of 4 16th Sept The Big Meadow
6 teams 24 anglers and the fishing was really good if you had the deep water. the usual swims in 11 and 12 did not fish at all in fact the second section of 6 on the top of "A" section which would normally provide a winner did not fish either. The winner was on the section near the Rowing club with over 11lb of Roach with bread punch being the best method all along the length. Nearly 10lb came out of the peg 18 and over 9lb in two other places with Bombardier doing well for 4th from the high bank with over 9lb. Breamy managed the only Tench on the day from Nobles and also did will recording over 8lb for second in section 
Team winners were not St ives but we did managed 2nd equal which annoyingly meant if I had found another 1lb we would have won the thing still always next year.
Next week is the Anderson Cup so good attendance please as this is the one cup presented on the bank  and I must remember to bring it with me Sunday. the draw is later 8.00 fish 9 til 2. The big Dace have been present down the Lane so hopeful for a decent silver fish day if the boats stay off. It will be nice to fish somewhere without rowing boats as well.
The next bit
It looks as though Sundays Teams of Four will be a striaght fight between St Ives and Stanjay's. Stan has told me he is looking at 3 teams and St Ives now have 2 as Stan has transferred, at considerable cost, his better half Fizz to our St Ives Pyjama's Team led by Mr PJ's himself DNW. Stan and myself will peg the match on Sunday as neither of us trust Duncan to do it properly because he has'nt fished the Meadow this year.
We will look to get three sections on "A" and the last 5 opposite the rowing club leading down to the first platform in the bay. Costs are looking at £15 in total with Section, Team and Individual prizes.
The draw will be at approx 8.15 at the top of Hemingford Meadow so hopefully all will get a minimum of an hour and twenty minutes setting up time with fishing from 10 till 3.
Oh and Moaners decorating the house and cannot get a pass to fish ,lightweight. 
Sunday 9th Sept "A" Section
7 fished peg 1 was out of bounds due to Kingfishers nesting and we now have peg 17 back after some sterling work from Torban last week. So we peged 4, Stans hole, 11 & 12 platforms plus 16,17,18 round the bend.
Coxy part 2 struggled on 4 with a couple of lb but Stans Hole excelled itself for me with 10lb 4oz of mainly Wheat caught Roach for the win and this despite the worse boat traffic we had seen all season. Torban and Bombardier drew 11 & 12 with Torban in the cash again with 5lb 14oz and second and Bombardier third with 4lb 12oz the seed not going in either swim.
Round the bend Breamy moaned 16 is weedy and he still managged over 4lb with Middle Earth Sam in 17 not quite getting to 4lb and prime
 peg 18 going to Postman Paul with a 4lb 12oz coming out lots of small Perch and Gudheon in abundance which as "they" always say is the sign of a river in good nick, one day I must meet these "they" people just to note how wrong they sometimes are.
Next week teams of four currently we have St Ives "A" Geesemaister, Breamy, Bombardier and No2 with St Ives "B" comprising DNW, Senior Sicknote and Trevor No 2's mate, so I need one more Moaner talk to me.
No idea of fishing details as this is in the HAJAC hands or in this case Duncan Ray so anything can and probably will happen, watch this space.  
Couple of bits
firstly still need names confirming for the teams of four from those who so far have'nt, Moaner where are you for instance. Secondly No2 had a pleasure session on peg 11 and had between 15lb and 20lb of Roach and Dace on seed this week so Sunday might be good.Thirdly I have confirmed with Steve Anderson that the Anderson Cup is Sunday 23rd Sept on Meadow Lane as always. Good turn out please gentlemen it always looks embarressing if Steve brings more anglers than the club it gets even more than more embarrassing if one of us doesn't win. Names appear to be lacking for Sunday so confirmation please of attendance.  
Sunday 2nd Sept "A" section
back in the saddle once again and what do i draw peg 10 which I hate with a passion but enough about me. The match, 9 fished and we used a peg 2 or peg 18 as an alternative based on some people not wanting to fish standing in water, 18 being a major wading swim. No 2 drew the wet peg and found all sorts of fish for 8lb 14oz and a relatively easy win or as Stan said pleasure fishing which means I shall have to re cut out 17 and 16 to make that end a bit more competitive if the fish have moved back in that area.
Second Breamy off much favoured peg 12 with 6lb 14oz of various and Stan also pleasure fishing on the high bank with 6lb 10oz for third. all the nets looked the same with Perch Dace and a few Roach and skimmers being caught, no big fish anywhere but with a gin clear river and fairly bright day that was not a surprise. I managed fourth off peg10 (spit) and would like to add fished very hard for 3lb 2oz as most of my fish were on the far bank life was indeed difficult due to flotilla's of cruisers and even more rowers cutting short many runs through the swim.
New guy Jeff Cox will probably inherit Steve Coxs nickname so Coxy it is drew 11 and had a few with Darren No Nickname catching nearly 3lb from peg 4 and several others being around that weight with Middle Earth Sam and Sicknote chucking back with not enough in both cases. 
Next week one more practice before the teams of four. Still not sure of names and  numbers I assume we have the following but do need confirmation, and this is in no particular order
No 2
No2's mate
It looks like I need 1 more anler to complete the two teams so Moaner where are you call me.
This week at the top end Hemingford 6.45 ish 7.00 draw, 8 til 1 fish, bring the waders.   
Xtra bit
Sunday is getting busy now that holidays are done.
So far I have been informed that the following are fishing
No 2
Middle Earth Sam
Postman Paul
As we are on "A" Section I intend to include peg 18 which needs waders realising that some will not want to fish in the water peg 3 or 18 will be available for a peg 3 draw and then its up to the individual.
Just so you know boys and girls.
And as a final note of caution I have been made aware that Wee Willy Winkie has been seen opening gates at the top end of the Meadow resplendent in nightcap and holding a candle to light the way this individual is not to be approached by anyone as he must be sleep walking. All I can say is DNW how the hell did you think you would get away with that one then stupid boy Pike
Anglers fishing teams of four to date
No 2
Breamy( I assume)
Senior  (I assume)
No 2's mate
Middle Earth Sam 
Still waiting to hear from Moaner, could be two teams from St Ives for the first time in god knows how long.
Lots of bits
Sorry for recent absence dear reader but me and the mighty Sir Sicknote have been in Ireland having a good weeks fishing with several nets that would only be looked on in wonderment if we had caught them on the Ouse. Sadly now back to reality so firstly thanks to No2 for his organisation of the first weeks Sunday(19th August) outing on "B" section and more apologise for not reiterating his missive regarding the match but suffice to say Stan won with 6lb 12oz and beating No2 with 6lb 11oz with a lost Tench 40 mins from the end of the match costing No2 dearly this was all at the rowing club end. Vaguely because information is sketchy the following Sunday(26th august) was won by the man with no name, Darren or possibly Clint from now on as he was the original man with no name.9lb on "A" section with several others fishing (I think) thanks are due to DNW for gate opening duties and match organisation as No2 was on family duties that day.
We also staged the County Individual at the last minute with 12 fishing at the top end of the Meadow on the 12th August, Jon Hazeldon the winner from peg1 a big 6lb plus to beat peg 18 who had a smaller 6lb. Interesting that peg 18 fished as we haven't pegged the swim for a year at least so this one could go back in the mix and we drop peg 2 which has proven to be less than great all season, No2 will be sooooo pleased.
I will endeavour to fill gaps on Sunday when I start back at the match angling thing again after my two week sabbatical.
This Sunday at the top end  "A" section for the 7 draw and let me know if you are fishing as at the moment I have a complete lack of any information.
I have now had it confirmed that the HIJAC Teams of four will be 16th September on the Meadow, I would love our club to enter at least two teams to reflect the numbers now fishing our matches. Names please gentlemen if you wish to fish.   
Thursday 9th August Coote Cup final round
It was just like the olympic 100 metres just without anyone fit enough to run it. the tension was somewhere else but yet again a good turn out with 9 on the bank. the winner Bombardier from 12 with a big Tench and bits for 8lb 8oz Stan and Darren drew for second  5lb apiece which gave Stan 2 points and enough to draw the series as I was fourth on the night with 4lb 10oz. Sam the man had 4lb 7oz off favoured peg11 and the rest had bits with NO 2 drawing his favourite peg 2 yet again OH HOW WE LAUGHED.
So thats it for another year joint winners yet again with Stan and myself. Just to say thanks to all who have attended we must have averaged 7/8 a week which is very good for us as a club and the banter has had its usual highlights with no prisoners taken. Next year lets do it all over again.
Just a note to match anglers Roy Wincup has informed me that there will only be a teams of four this year no individual match, its looking liable for 16th September. It would be good for us to get at least two teams in so let me know if you can fish.  
Sunday 5th August "A" Section
No idea, for once I did not attend I am led to believe a few fished and that some caught fish in fact some more than others and then someone won. A man called Brian Gibson so Roy from Stanjays informed me, if it was Gibbo he was moonlighting or slumming it on a day out with Stan. Plus he would only turn up when our best people were missing, now theres a challenge.
I will find out, just not today, if someone could kindly let the Match Sec know it would be an advantage.
Thursday the last one of the year all to play for and hopefully Stan draws peg 2,3 or 10, I know kiss of death. He has to win to beat me and is the only one who can, GAME ON. 
PS results now in Gibbo 8lb 14oz Roach on seedTrevor oakman 6lb 4oz Stan 5lb 15.5 oz a Stanjay wipe out for shame St Ives anglers for shame ( only one there was Breamy)  
Thursday 2nd August "A" Section
The game is afoot. this was the last but one round of the Coote cup and all to play for. Its been a keenly fought battle and now we are down to the wire.
Spawny eyed git Breamy smuggled a Tench and some bits out of peg 11 for first place with 7lb 4oz and I managed second from peg 12 with 5lb 9oz of mainly waggler caught silver fish with, unusually,6/7 Rudd in the net. Stan was pipped for third by Bombardier and Stan drew his own hole so to speak in peg 9 and still failed to perform however it was close 4lb 10oz to 4lb 9oz but that loss of a point might be the deciding factor.
DNW arrived obviously using a £1 shop calender as he is two months late but better late than never with just over a 1lb from peg 1 not the all singing all dancing start he hoped for. No 2 was so happy that he drew peg 2 again and he failed to catch much as he has done in the last two matches on the same peg, happy he was not. 1lb 10oz the result to draw with Darren in peg 10 who had lots and lots of Pike trouble going through a whole packet of hooks in the process so 10 bite off's still not the record, Stan has suffered 14 in one match.
So going into next weeks shortened, due to light, last event the standings are as follows
The Geesemaister 11pts
Sir Stan                 9pts
Moaner                  6pts
Breamy                 6pts
No 2                      4pts
Sunday you all have a treat, due to a social engagement involving a late night and drink I shall probably not attend, the reigns have been handed and rightly so, considering his name, to No 2. So he is in charge of gates weighing and recording etc. Best of luck to you all.and may your God go with you. 
Sunday 29th July "A" Section
Should have tried "B" but I was over ruled as "A" had fished well on Thursday. Wrong, it fished poorly with Senior Sicknote recording the win with 5lb 7oz from Stan's fishing hole, mainly Perch and bits with a lost leviathon, either Tench or Eel as well. Peg 11 the recently unbeatable peg has now been beat twice in a week and with me on it this time, I managed second with 4lb 11oz and it was hard work. The colour has gone out of the water and consequently the fish have moved further across the river in the shallower swims. This presents its own problems at this time of year in the wonderful shape of rowers and cruisers of which we had a proliferation on Sunday, thats lots to the uneducated. 
Breamy had Mr Pike for company iin peg 12 as indeed so did I in peg 11 but he had 3lb 4oz for third with the only Stanjay representitive this week being Trevor Oakman with Trevor struggling off the unfancied peg 10 with 2lb 7oz.
That was it 4 only with weddings,babysitting and just being a lazy git ( you know who you are, Stan) all being used as excuses. Actually in addition Moaner was fishing a carp puddle and Postman Paul mysteriously texted Sunday early to note his non attendance, hangover then being the obvious rationale for that one then.
Not many Thursdays left now with Moaner out of the reckoning due to a two week holiday so missing the last two. The race is down to me and Stan with his promise from last year of winning the cup that we never present and with me going for my hat-trick, even though one year was shared with Compo.
Same as always let me know you are attending if I dont already know.   
Thursday 26th "A" Section
8 fishing and the nights are drawing in two more to go after this one and it is very close. Stan drew peg 12 and with the stream down to tolerable strength pole, stick float and waggler fishing all made an appearance or at least until it all speeded up again in the last hour, Stan took most of fish in the first hour when he could do no wrong but the usual Pike turned up and had more than several fish off his hook on the retrieve. he still managed the win with a laudable 7lb 2oz. Now Moaner had first draw and said "I don't mind which peg I get as long as it isn't Stan's hole" or peg 5 as it was on the night. Well Karma being what it is you just knew what he would draw but despite us telling him what a good draw the rest of us think it is he went off in a cloud of depression. 6lb 2oz for second and apparently now he "likes" the swim.
Everyone had silvers with very few bonus fish, the odd better Perch and Eel was caught but it was good to see Dace and small Roach in abundance and everyone having the traditional mixed bag. the next weights went as follows Breamy 4lb 6oz for third and the last available point, Me 4lb 5oz Bombardier 4lb 4oz Darren 4lb 3oz consistent for us in the lessor swims disaster for Bombardier who drew peg 11, the absolute odds on favourite, that he had pleasure fished the night before so it was ready for him.
No 2 completed the consistent theme with 3lb 14oz from peg 3 and Postman Paul despite one big Eel managed a couple of lb from peg 5.
All in all a good fair match with chances to win in several pegs, Sunday should be even better, with hopefully slightly less flow on the river as it finally gets down to expected summer levels.
So two to go and the current league places are as follows for the Coote cup
Geesemaister 9pts
Sir Stan          9pts
Moaner           6pts
No2                4pts
Breamy          3pts  
Then a few with 1 or 2 pts but the above is the chance to win list with probably No2 and Breamy off that pace a bit tio much.
Sunday Hemingford gate 6.45 let me know if you are fishing. 
Sunday 22nd "A" Section
As we could not get down to "B" due to standing water on the meadow we had another crack at "A".. a very good turn out for the time of year with 9 fishing. Breamy took the honiours from the very favoured peg 11 and had 7lb 2oz of silvers with Trevor Oakman on secondment from Stan's in second from Moaners fav peg 10 with 5lb 1oz. Young Darren did well from peg 3 on feeder all day for 4lb 14oz and I caught right on the inside for the first 3 hours then the river picked up from waterski pace to jetski for the last two hours and life became very difficult indeed ending up with 4lb 3oz of it must be said mainly Roach. However despite the extreme pace of the water it was obvious Roach are on the section and feeding and if it fines down I have a feeling that seed baits might just be worth a try.
Stan and Fizz fished next to each other and Stan kept telling Fiss where she was going wrong and Fizz wished she hadn't listened to him at all by the end of the match, thoughts we have all experienced regarding Stan its best being where you can't hear him.Senior drew peg1 and lost lots of fish on the stick weighing 3lb 6oz but still trimming up Jonah, sorry, No2 off peg 2 who had a very sad looking 8oz. Postman Paul managed a few Perch and bits off 12 for 1lb 15oz and that was about it.
Considering the speed of the water which in my opinion ended up quicker than last Thursday the wieghts were very reasonable and with the sun and a fining down river Thursday might be very good indeed.
Usual stuff 5.30 at the gate and let me know if attending if you haven't already
Thursday 19th July "A" Section
Even with the river doing its very best monsoon impersonation 7 fished, colour and chucking it through although the river has dropped quickly as can be seen by the small lake still in the middle of the meadow. Peg 11 was the number again and guess who drew it twice in two weeks little old me, huzzah. 9lb 7oz Roach, yes I said Roach, nice Dace, couple of bigger and some smaller skimmers a 12oz Rudd and in addition the odd Perch, Gudgeon, Chub, hybred and bleak. Stick float rod length out in 7 foot of water fish a chuck for the whole match great fun and great sport.
Stan drew his hole and grabbed second with 3lb 11oz big Eel and bits with Torban also fishing the stick in peg 8 for 2lb 12oz of silvers for third. Breamy weighed 1lb 9oz in peg 12 lost two bream one at the net and missed two huge Bream bites so he should have walked it but didn't. Postman Paul on peg 1 other wise known as Worms O'Toole failed to get among the eels that are there and recorded a massive DNW with young Darren(still nicknameless) managing 1lb 3oz in peg 2. Oh and then there was Moaner peg10 on the platform 2 weeks running not a great peg, in fact I hate it and now so does he nuff said.
Sunday, probably "A" section due to the state of the meadow paths which are still under water in many places, 6.45 at the top and let me know you are attending other than the following
Sir Stan
Postman Paul
No 2
Rant time
No2 was sneaking a beer in Floods Bar the other day when he took a photo of a seal eating a 5lb Bream, GREAT, just what our stretch of the Ouse needs another apex predator who should be shot on sight, Its bad enough with Cormorant and Otters but a Seal as well,you might as well wave goodbye to the Meadow as a fishery if it stays for any length of time having said that I walked the length of the Meadow last night and the Seal was not about or at least neither I nor No2 saw it.
Thursday is on the water is down and running hard BIG feeders people, still retains some colour so who knows 5.30 at the gate. I have no idea who is fishing other than the following.
Postman Paul
Bombardiers a maybe due to the Ebola virus, I've told him before he should keep away from Monkeys.
I'm assuming Stan and Darren will attend but as there is still all to play for for the trophy I expect more might turn up. 
Sunday 15th July
Shortest match report yet, deepest steamiest July and we can't fish ,why?, flooding, unfriggingbelievable. Thursday is also in doubt so watch this space.  
Thursday12th July
Despite the odd no show will still mustered 8 on the bank for this match. No Senior and all the best to Julie after her op, Seniors playing nurse rather than patient for once, uniform and all apparently. Now, the fishing well it is still chucking through but we had just enough of reduction in speed too fish "A" and as usual favoured pegs 11 and 1 produced. I was in 11 and weighed 3lb 14oz with lots of small skimmers in the last hour on stick float great fun except for the usual huge amounts of rain of course. breamy had 3lb for second with 4 Eels on peg 1 plus a few bits after that a bit of a struggle Stan on 12 managed to lose his ongoing fight with several Pike wieghing 2lb 10oz but having lost several fish to the aforesaid hungry Pike he was less than pleased and very wet. Moaner had peg 10 and like NO2 in 9 and Postman Paul in 8 failed to register much.
Darren tried hard in two but someone forgot to tell the fish they need to be involved. Must put some work in on the name for him surname Rodgers something like "HI Ho silvers" see fish analogy, oh well its a work in progress.
Sp after 4 Thursday evening matches the points table looks like this
Geesemaister     6pts
Moaner               4pts
Stan                   4pts
No2                    3pts
Bombardier         2pts
Postman Paul     2pts
Breamy              2pts
Darren                1pts 
All to play for gentlemen.
Sunday is a bit iffy at the moment it should be the Meadow but we have had more rain and as far as I know we are down to 3 fishing due to other committments holidays illness etc etc.6.45 at the top of the meadow as we sit Breamy Postman and me anyone else coming let me know. 
A further bit
"A" Section it is for tonight, mainly because I think some will struggle to get round the meadow in its current soaked form and also the stream has declined somewhat and is fishable, St Ives member on the quay this morning had a few Roach and 25 dace on stick float. so still 5.30 at the top and if anyone talks to NO2 tell him cause I told him last night it would be the bottom end and he was going to walk across from the Dolphin, that would now be a very long walk.   
A bit
Having walked past the river today I can at least confirm that we will be fishing Thursday as long as we do not suffer any more serious rain.  , 5.30 draw and maybe the bottom end if the stream is still flooding through. usual suspects attending any unusual ones please let me know beforehand so we dont shut the gate on anyone who may be fishing. Hopefully Sir Stanley will draw next to Senior Sicknote again and we can all watch Senior stamp up and down in a righteous rage when he gets beat, again, because he did'nt ask Stan the right questions as in " have you caught more than me "  
Sunday 8th July "B" Section
8 fished, water up and rising with no colour just excessive flow which is a bit weird. top end by the rowing club was the place to be with Stan catching late big skimmers to complete his double for the week weighing 7lb 11oz easily ruining Senior Sicknote's day who managed 6lb 2oz again with a couple of big skimmers and Perch. Torbin couldn't find the Bream and did find a big Eel lose another and caught several Perch for 4lb 1oz and third so a reasonable week for him as well. the end in the bay suffered with only Breamy weighing out of 4 anglers with 1lb 12oz of Perch plus the frustration of watching 2 Tench swim round in circles in front of him in the very shallow clear water and despite landing worms near enough on their heads failing to get any sort of take.
Bream had been seen early in the bay but as the water got much quicker during the morning the bites tailed off completely with the deep water and slack by the rowing club proving the best options.
Oh and did I mention the rain it persisted down for several hours but the forecast this week is not so much and hopefully we will still be able to get on the meadow at the worst but much does depend on the rainfall so watch this space for Thursday and Sunday.
So its going well, raining all the time, river in flood all the time and the only rod sure of an outing in any given match is the feeder which,in my case, on Sunday had a 60 gram sink attached to it and it barely held mid river.
I just love the British summer don't you.      
Thursday 5th July "A" Section
Good anglers will win matches and sometimes poor and average anglers win them too so Stan drew peg11 and won I will leave you to decide what catergory of angler he falls into. 7lb 9oz good weight small silvers and eels just doing NO2 who had a late bream and possibly  missed another one but weighed 7lb 2oz with Perch small bits and the 3lb Bream. Moaner in 12 moaned I had called time too soon this, I would note, was at 9.30 with 9 people to weigh in and get off the Meadow before dark, or in Moaners case the real reason being he hadn't caught a Bream yet, he still managed 4lb 7oz for fourth.
Good to see "man with no nickname" Darren doing well off peg1 for 4lb 10oz and third, everyone caught even the underprivileged current bad drawers,me, with several more 4lb and 3lbs being recorded. Senior enjoying an evening stick floating in a old school styley for nearly 4lb of silvers.    
Sunday 1st July "A" section
6 fished forgot it was a full moon and it was bad, bad as in Sir Michael of Codine, peg 11, won at a canter with 5lb of mainly Bleak with Moaner on peg 1 second with 4lb of mainly Eels awful Postman P and myself  DNW's and Breamy just over a couple of lbs.Young Darren had some bits but now knows Pike don't count so he's learning.
Not a lot to say really still running very hard and clearing rapidly of any colour.
Usual stuff Thursday 5.30 draw at the Hemingford gate and fish 6.15 to dusk, 9.30 at the moment at least for a couple more weeks, nights drawing in soon be Xmas.
Let me know if you are fishing and i don't know already, current list
Me, Breamy, No 2, Postman P, Sicknote Senior, Sir Stan ,Moaner. 
Thursday 28th June "A" section
11 fished its almost like a national match every Thursday. Weights poor again with lots of stream getting worse as the match progressed until it becmae very difficult to fish anything other than hard on the bottom with feeder be it pole or rod. I won, two in a row huzzah, with the princely sum of 3lb 5oz caught earlier in the match mainly before the water sking stream took over. In second place and really good to see him there Postman Paul, Paul surports the matches regularly until the Pike season matches kick in elsewhere and is very old school on fishing methods none of this new fangled pole fishing, rod and line is his way forward and pegged in Stans swimming hole he had a 1lb plus Perch first chuck and with a total weight of 2lb 15oz saw off Moaner by 1oz in third, oh how we laughed, except Moaner of course.
Lots of 2lbs followed but I must give honourable mention to Sir Stan of Goddy who managed a big DNW from the favoured peg 8, thats another nugget he owes me. I told him this celeb England man thing cuts no ice on our river bank its results that counts ha ha ha.
Pegs 11 and 12 failed badly with Senior on 12 and struggling for his 2lb but the " I should have done it different" award goes to newby Darren who switched to whip in the last hour and had 2lb of silvers close in, if only Darren if only, in fact thats close to a nickname so be careful about what happens Sunday. Middle Earth Sam had dug himself up for another season drew peg1 and lost several Eels which would have got him across the line in first place if he had managed to get them in. No 2 or Jonah as he is now called managed a few on varying types of feeder but not enough. Junior Andrews struggled worse tha dad but he was wearing sun glasses way after the sun had gone down which shows why he couldn't see the bites. the Bombardier managed a few bits in peg 7 but the stream saw him off as much as it did the rest of us. 
Lastly Breamy, yes we are considering going back to his alter ego name, "The artist formerly known as" because its been so long since he caught his namesake, on peg 10, which he hates, about 1lb was all he wrote and the usual " I hate this bloody peg/river/life/place/water/ stream etc etc etc  was all he said.
Sunday "A" section with hopes for the water being back at normal pace and fish catching on floats trotted through becoming possible. meet at the gate  6.45 and let me know you are fishing if you haven't already
Sunday 24th June "B" Section
Another day another flood or so it seems except Sunday got a bit wierd with the water running off faster as the day progressed but the colour still dropping out so that it got clearer, like I said weird. In fact Wet, Windy and Weird
8 fished Sir Stanley of Godmanchester honouring us with his presense as did Sir Michael of Hinchingbrooke, Knights of the realm everywhere it made me proud to be British. Breamy drew peg1 and found weed and lots of but still managed 2lb 7oz of small bits for a creditable third. No 2, having not seen his bed for several nights due to nocturnal functions threw his fish back and is struggling on the river ish although he will cite a third place last Thursday to save his reputation. Darren( new bloke without nick name yet, don't worry Darren the name will happen it always does usually after you have done something supremely stupid) had a skimmer lost a skimmer and weighed a lb with Postman Paul doing similar that took care of opposite the rowing club.
 Junior Sicknote Grant lost a good big skimmer at the net which would have helped him trim up Senior but did'nt. Senior had one good skimmer and very little else except for dropping many and varied small silvers off on the stick float from his good peg just in the bay for 2lb 2oz and 4th. I was in the bay, good swim, and saw a Bream top before the start, so what, I did catch a couple and another couple of good skimmers plus a good eel and half a dozen small perch all on worm and maggot cocktail; missed several good bites and lost a Bream but managed 9lb 13oz for an easy win  from Sir Stan on peg 8 who managed a silvers net of 4lb plus for second place.
So there it is very windy and wet but good Bream weather and they did not show yet again, lets all try again Thursday
5.30 at the gate gentlemen, the following are down to attend any one else let me know
Sir Stan
Postman Paul
Junior Sicknote
Darren- name to be announced
No 2- Nocturnal habits allowing
Thursday 21st June "A" section
10 fished great turn out for the first Thursday evening session. Moaner continued his good luck/form with a late Tench and nothing else for a big 5lb with bombardier second with another Tench and no bits for a smaller 5lb. NO2 managed bits off peg 12 for nearly 4lb and third and after that it all got a bit bitty and smaller weights with no Bream being caught at all which was odd with colour and flow but new colder water perhaps doing the trick.
Sunday we have a change of venue with the water still pushing very hard we are transferring from Meadow Lane to "B" section 6,46 at the gate 7 draw 8 til 1 fish. Please let me know if you are attending and you did not tell me last night..
Sunday 17th "B" Section
Like I said promised much but something got lost in the delivery. I think we were about 2 days to early as it was still chucking through with boiling water everywhere. 6 fished and Moaner sat next to Senior Sick Note in the bay so they could moan in tandem which they did interspaced with the odd fish of course. Moaner won it with 3 Bream for 6lb 13oz with me at the other end of the bay second with 6lb 8oz a couple of Bream an Eel and 1 Rudd plus 2 Roach. Breamy was opposite the tree near the rowing club and had third with 6lb caught early doors with a thumping Eel which made him squeal like a girl yet again no doubt, he also had a Bream and a few Roach. No2 sat in the rowing club swim very deep on the inside and had a couple of lb of silvers but lost 2 bream which could have framed him easily. senior had a very nice deep platform swim coming out of the bay but with the water boiling not as good as it might have been with 1lb 14oz of smaller stuff. Lastly Postman Paul sat on the marina entrance and did not get a proper bite for a big DNW which I must admit I was surprised at.
So, Thursday then, could, and I do use the word reservedly, be great, water fining down still coloured and moving a mouth watering prospect , maybe!!!!!!. let me know if you are fishing I already have a confirmed 10 so it could be a good one. As close to 5.30 at the gate at Hemingford end as possible please hopefully fishing somewhere between 6.15 and 6.30 start with fishing till dusk which at this stage will be nearly 10.00
A Bit
Having now walked the banks on the Dolphin Meadow twice and noted bubbles and topping Bream everywhere I can truly say the expectation among those who are fishing Sunday is truly epic which means a truly epic failiure usually. However this time I really do think good double figure weights will be needed as long as the river does not break the banks which it looks ok for at the moment. taking bets on a minimum weight to win of 25lb for Sunday.
The Glorious 16th
How exciting is this, as we speak the river is brown and racing through and I have to assume will still be carrying extra coloured water for Sunday. The BIg Meadow becomes a much different water when flooded in Summer, the Bream feed and the last time was when we had the water festival and it was flooded from June to August with the match weights requiring 40lb plus for a win.
I know it probably wont be that good but you never really know until the day do you, thats why we go fishing, see you Sunday, Let me know if you are fishing.
Finally tight Lines to all who are dipping a line this weekend and may mine be tightest.  
Sewells was awful 3 fish caught by 9 anglers, I had two of them for 10lb14oz and an easy win from Breamy with the other one for 3lb 7oz
Crystal Lakes was a bit better Moaner bringing his commercial angling expertise to the fore and winning with 27lb plus, mainly Carp, I snatched second from NO2 with 16lb 7oz v 16lb 4oz but with him losing at least 6 carp no sympathy whatsoever. Postman Paul or Worms had a big 9lb and his first ever Carp with Breamy failing yet again and crossing yet another fishing venue of his "never coming back" list.
First proper match Sunday 17th June on "B" section meet at 7.00 Hemingford end for the drive down and depending on the water we will fish accordingly rain is forecast so hopefully colour and flow will be present which would be lovely. Please let me know if you intend to fish. 
Queens Jubilee weekend match details
Monday Sewells lake Brampton 8.00 draw fish 9 til 3 £5 entry plus day ticket £3 unless you are buying a Brampton Licence which is £20 I think Nick Marriott will be there and he is Club Sec so you can find out on the bank.
Tuesday Crystal Lakes Fenstanton Low road draw 8.00 fish 9 til 3 £5 entry to match £7 day ticket collected on the bank
Rules at Crystal Lakes
two keepnets 1 carp only
Barbless hooks only
No Groundbait
No floating baits
No pellet feeder but maggot feeder is allowed
A bailiff will check the above is being adhered too so please bring the correct gear otherwise you cannot fish.
lastly book in for any who haven't we need to know numbers, I believe Monday is 8 and Tuesday is less
A not so little bit
Sneaked a day off to have a go on Sewells friday I had 17 Bream and a Tench and Torban had 10 Bream and lost a good Carp. Amazing isnt it all the prefect fishing days where you catch bugger all and then in the brightest of bright sunshine with not a cloud in the sky this lot. I am also led to believe that Trevor, Torbans mate, is having a go today and between 7.45 and 10.30 had 25 Bream up to 6lb.
Well on June 4th we are having a match on Sewells for anyone who is interested with a further match on Crystal lakes on the Tuesday Torban is in charge. I would expect both days will be an 8 or 9 o clock draw and fish til 3 but details will follow when confirmed.   
The Season approacheth
No2 caught Bream from Sewells last week but still no silver fish in sight apparently, however, the weather lords have dictated that we are warming up as from today and we have intentions of fishing a match on Monday 4th and Tues 5th June to celebrate the Queens Diamond Jubilee. No2 is in charge (so God only knows what will happen) but the intention is one day at Sewells and one at Crystal lakes. I like this time of year as I refuse to run anything based on the other 9 months when I have to run everything.
If you wish to fish one or both of the above mentioned matches and are a St Ives club member, or intend to be this year, contact me and I will pass your name on to No2.
The tackle now needs cleaning and I suspect a couple of bits need buying/ replacing so less than a month to go people, OH and for Senior "I dont have any time" Sicknote that does mean you !!!  
So here we almost are again, a new web site address (for me not you lot) thankyou Sir Michael of Hinchingbrooke. A couple of days have been fished by some the odd go at Crystal lakes and a few other venues. It does look as though our normal pre season in Sewells is under threat mainly due to a lack of warm wather and the fish not moving into to the normal areas we fish yet.
On a sadder note Compo has recently been very ill and has had a spell in hospital he's back at home recuperating now and all his nurses are in intensive care. Hopefully we shall see him on the bank very soon but in the meantime I'm sure you will all join me in wishing him well.
Well its about a month to go AGM is this Thursday 17th May and as usual everything is late but as in all things St Ives Angling we will get there in the end.
Watch this space for match information and live in hope that the current flood and lovely hard flowing brown water remain until the season starts.